Adventures of Charlie: A 6th Grade Gamer #1

I screwed up, okay?

I was just trying to be a good kid. Helping Mom move boxes, lugging the huge jugs of pennies that weigh like a million pounds, and packing it all in the truck.

Then I found the mystery box.

I make one wrong decision, and suddenly I’m stuck inside a game where monsters are real, and magic food is gross!

I’m fighting back against the bad guys. I’m making new friends. I feel myself getting braver, stronger, more powerful.

I’m going to get out, and I have a plan that’s sure to win.

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I made things worse, okay?

I was learning how to play. Figuring out how to use my powers, how to work with my team, and searching for the best way to win the game.

Then I lost focus for just a second.

I make one wrong move, and suddenly I’m on a quest to save Evie from the most powerful monster alive.

I’m not giving up. I’ve got my other friends to help. I feel myself getting faster, smarter, more powerful.

I’m going to beat the odds, and I have a plan that’s sure to work.

Print, ebook and audiobooks available!

Adventures of Charlie: A 6th Grade Gamer #2
Adventures of Charlie: A 6th Grade Gamer #3

It was me, okay?

I was on a winning streak. Everything was going my way and falling into place. All my friends were safe, and we were one step closer to victory.

Then I rang the doorbell.

I make one innocent mistake, and suddenly I’m sucked into a tiny mansion where nothing makes sense, and the werewolves are in charge.

I can figure this out. My friends are here by my side. I feel myself getting bolder, stronger, more creative.

I’m going to solve the puzzle, and I have a plan that’ll make my mom proud.

Print, ebook and audiobooks available!

Charlie will be back with new adventures in no time! And he'll be up against the most slimy, slippery boss mob yet!

Coming soon!

Adventures of Charlie: A 6th Grade Gamer #4
Boss Monster Wannabe #1 image

Step 1: Begin Epic Quest

He’s tired of being last pick. Tired of being stepped on. Tired of being a noob. So, he’s on an epic quest to become a boss monster. Then he’ll make the rules. But first he needs to escape Slime City. There’s just one big problem, and that’s King Slime.

Step 2: Learn Special Attack

He’s missing a power source for his special attack, and every good boss monster has a special. So, he’s headed deep into the Forgotten Forest to search for one. But when he gets close, The Dirtbag bubbles out of the ground to stand guard and that’s a huge problem.

Boss Monster Wannabe #2 image
Boss Monster Wannabe #3 image

Step 3: Recruit Powerful Minion

He’s so close to becoming a boss monster, but he doesn’t have any minions. And boss monsters always have minions. So, he’s off to the Crazy Caves to recruit a powerful one. But when The Shadow Dragon would rather be the boss, it might be the biggest problem yet.

Step 4: Obtain Epic Loot

He’s got one last thing to collect before he can become a boss monster, and that’s his own epic loot. There’s a rumor that a treasure unlike any other is buried deep in the Ice Mountains. But there’s a big hairy problem in the way, and that’s Flurry Dog.

Boss Monster Wannabe #4 image
Adventures of Charlie #3 audiobook image

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Adventures of Charlie #2 audiobook image

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Adventures of Charlie #1 audiobook image

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